Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC alters ending once more, but it’ll cost you

How many endings are we up to now? This will be the second revision, which brings the total count up to 3 versions. Take your time, Bioware; I’ll just be kicking back on the lawn chair, sipping my lemonade until this whole thing, which is starting to resemble a debacle, gets sorted out. So far I’ve only seen the very first batch of endings, and I’m debating on whether or not I should see each set as they come out, or just wait a good year for the director’s cut.

While the first revision was updated for free, the new ending you’ll get from the new Leviathan DLC is not free. There’s no word yet on how much it’ll cost, and also if this is the last time Bioware will update the ending (bets, anyone?).

What exactly happened here? Did Bioware not have enough time to complete the ending, and easily caved into the audience’s desire, or were they simply trying to please the crowd despite the fact that they were pleased with their work?

If you’d like to spoil yourself silly and not have to pay to see the new ending’s content, head on over to paste bin for more dialogue with that lovable star child. If you fancy a discussion on the subject, perhaps the Bioware forums will be suitable. Keeping with the Mass Effect theme, your third option is to sit in a quiet room and imagine your own perfect ending. Sounds pretty good to me.

Source: VG247

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