Smite: A new way to MOBA


Currently in closed beta, the third-person action-based MOBA, Smite, is nothing short of a breath of fresh air for the genre that is largely ruled by League of Legends and DOTA. Developed by High-Rez studios, the same that brought us Tribes, Smite features all the options and gameplay one would expect from a top view MOBA, with the addition of some interesting new features all wrapped up in a beautiful package.


Smite centers around an imaginary world where gods of legend from many different mythologies do battle to earn the favor and dominance of the human realm. Featuring gods (Champions or heroes) from a multitude of myths that include Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Eastern and Western, they the battles are varied and quite epic.


Fast, furious, and with one of the highest skill curves in the genre, Smite could easily become one of the most-played games in the world. With no targeted abilities, players need to quickly adapt to action-based combat with skill shots (abilities that require a player to manually select an area) as the basis of ability damage. Featuring an auto-level and auto-item feature for newer players, it will definitely draw in a crowd of casuals. The standard three-lane jungle moba-styled map is the main arena, with all jungle spawns providing passive buffs. Items level up with the maximum level providing a passive buff.



Easily on par with games such as Guild Wars 2, the gods are gorgeously rendered and each have unique abilities and animations. Supporting both the highest and lowest resolution if you have a computer upgraded or bought in the past three years, you can run Smite.


Roughly around $1 per god with the currently available bundles, or around $5 each, much cheaper than any MOBA currently, but free-to-play and Gods can be earned through repeated gameplay.

Beta Grade: A

Visit for more info and beta access, also check out the video below for some gameplay and basics.


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