Origin of the reapers revealed in Leviathan Mass Effect 3 DLC

When the Reapers were revealed in Mass Effect, I was blown away. The mystery behind this race of sentient AI drove the story straight to the top of the video game heap as far as I’m concerned. Bioware is now prepared to reveal the origins of the reapers, and most notably the fabled “Leviathan” reaper. I hope Bioware is at the top of their game on the writing, as I want this series to close as well as it can.

::DLC Spoilers::

According to NeoSeeker, the Leviathan is a reaper who was exiled for killing one of its own. It could be interesting to see how this ties in with the reaper invasions. We’ve already seen what happened in Javik’s era, and it’s possible that the original invasion could be revealed.

::END Spoilers::

Let’s hope that the reveal of the origins of the reapers has some interesting revelations; if there aren’t, this piece of DLC will just be destroying the mystery behind the reapers and possibly even devalue the story. EA, please let Mass Effect 3 end as gracefully as possible.

EA has confirmed that the DLC will be available this Summer for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: NeoSeeker

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