Allergy Alert app now compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink

We’ve seen technology take leaps and bounds into all things automotive. Most of these innovations have been for safety, performance, and entertainment. But one company, Ford to be exact, has been moving into our daily well-being.

As more and more drivers join the daily commute to work, we all find ourselves in our own little bubbles; our cars. Once vehicles were about freedom and mobility, while this is still true, today’s vehicles are becoming our personal assistant and now even our healthcare consultants.

“We are attempting to create the car that cares,” says Gary Strumolo, global manager of Ford Research and Innovation.  Ford is not only leading the way in this area but quickly building momentum.

Last spring, Ford released its Car Health and Wellness Solutions. This allowed vehicles equipped with SYNC to pair with Bluetooth-enabled glucose monitors. Drivers can pair the device with the vehicle and use voice commands to access their WellDoc profile to receive real-time patient coaching, behavioral education and medication adherence support.

Fast forward to today, just one year since that first innovation, and you’ll be presented to the new Allergy Alert app from IMS Health. This app is compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink, giving drivers a safe and easy way to check allergy, pollen, asthma, and flue and UV conditions in their daily commute or specific areas. The kicker, this can all be done via simple voice commands and displaying on the LCD, allowing the driver to accomplish more too and from work and everywhere in between.

People with diabetes, asthma, and allergies issue generally monitor their surroundings more than the average person. “The SYNC AppLink-enabled Allergy Alert app allows drivers to quickly check current and upcoming pollen and other health risk conditions with simple voice commands while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”, says Doug VanDagens, global director of Ford Connected Services.

We all need to do more each and every day, even while we are driving.  Today’s vehicles are modern marvels, allowing us to keep our hands on wheel and eyes on the road all while getting updated directions, changing the radio station, and now with the help SYNC we will do even more.  The Allergy Alert App will help drivers, with the assistance of the onboard GPS, to get allergy pollen indexes, pollen predominantly in the air, upcoming asthma concerns in the area, and much more.  All of this data will display on the onboard LCD and you can even pre-program up to three locations by zip code.  This will be extremely helpful for parents with children with certain health concerns.  Now parents can setup up different locations, like a school, or local parks for quick access.

SYNC is becoming a part of our everyday life just like our iDevices.  Not only does it help us stay a safe drivers, but now it’s helping us stay healthier to enjoy live.

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