Gotham City Impostors sneakily goes F2P on Steam

[youtube][/youtube] With almost no fanfare, Gotham City Impostors went full on free-to-play on Steam yesterday, taking many by surprise, and leaving some gaming journalists a bit baffled as to just

Michael Bay confirms leaked Ninja Turtles script is legit

I guess that last article is not going to be the only piece of Ninja Turtle movie news I’ll post today. THIS JUST IN(I’ve always wanted to say that), Michael

TMNT co-creator slams Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles script

Earlier this week, we posted up some disturbing info on the new Ninja Turtles movie. The rumored scripted for Michael Bay’s reboot had been leaked and it revealed some major

Theatrhythm demo harmonizes with your 3DS

Each week Nintendo updates the 3DS eShop with goodies; whether they’re demos or full-on games. This week, gamers have a special demo to download: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Having played it

Valve’s new Greenlight like Kickstarter, helps indies take off

Most companies, I’m sure, like to keep their catalogue of games neat and tidy (well, most of them, but we won’t name names). Customers need to have good experiences on

Michael Keaton will replace Hugh Laurie as main villain in RoboCop

Yesterday we reported that Hugh Laurie had dropped out of RoboCop and that MGM were looking for replacements. Many, including myself, thought that Clive Owen was at the top of

Assassin’s Creed III: The combat behind the game

Ubisoft has released episode 2 of Inside Assassin’s Creed III featuring the fighting tactics used in the game and the guerilla warfare used during the American Revolution. This game introduces

Metal Gear movie announced at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event

Video game movies have always been so-so when it comes to Hollywood. CGI titles are another story, but today we were all in for a shock not many people expected

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD announced for iOS

This fall the iOS Capcom will be releasing the Ace Attorney Trilogy in North America for the family of iOS device featuring: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, and

New Avengers deleted scene reveals Peggy Carter is alive?!

There is a lot of anticipation for the September 25th release of The Avengers Blu-ray. It will be the first time for many to see the highly talked about Item

Hyperdimension Neptunia gets an Android app titled, God App Neptunia in Japan

Compile Heart has been busy working on Hyperdimension Neptunia V, the next title in the Neptunia series which releases in Japan today for Android users. The app features Neptune and Noire, allowing

Square Enix debuts Core Online

Core Online is a new online service that allows play high-definition games in your browser for free, with no need to install anything.The service is currently in Beta but can be

The Walking Dead – Episode 3: “Long Road Ahead” is now available

If you happened to blink yesterday, then you probably missed the announcement that Telltale Games released Episode 3 for The Walking Dead on the PlayStation Network. Telltale announced the news

Castle planning Comic-Con themed episode

When fans of Castle heard that they were not going to be able to see the cast at this years San Diego Comic-Con, it crushed many. But it looks like the show

Add some “Attitude” to your Xbox 360 avatar with WWE 13

The Attitude Era has always been highly praised as the best years in professional wrestling. The reign of Stone Cold, the tyranny of the NWO, the rise of The Rock

RoboCop runs into a lot of trouble with a disgruntled director, a major dropout and Clive Owen?

As if it seems that the RoboCop remake is already heading in a downward spiral, things continue to look even more dismal. Last week, a possible script leak revealed that

MLG Summer Scandal : Dignitas and Curse Disqualified

The Major League Gaming summer championship events took place this past weekend, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Teams competed in multiple games, including StarCraft II, Mortal Kombat, and Soul Calibur V.

New music video from nerdcore rapper El Gun Legro

If you happen to miss out on our Nerdathon Comic-Con party, let me tell you, you missed one hell of a show. Now, it’s only recently that I have begun

Item 47 star hints a possible role in future Marvel movies

Lizzy Caplan first broke into the nerd spectrum with Matt Reeves and JJ Abram’s Cloverfield. She then appeared on HBO’s True Blood and during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Lizzy

Justice League director rumors: No Affleck, David Yates, Wachowskis, and Brett Ratner?!

Over at Warner Bros. the search continues for the director of WB/DC’s biggest potential franchise Justice League. With the success of the Avengers and failure of Green Lantern, Warner Bros is trying to