SDCC 2012: OZ the Great and Powerful

The room was packed, and if Sam Raimi wasn’t enough, two beautiful ladies, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, were on stage. There were about a few hundred other press members in the room, and you can probably imagine how crazy it gets when everyone wants to take pictures of the cast.

Sam Raimi was asked how it was working with James Franco (who wasn’t there) and his new directing abilities after taking classes. After working with him in Spider-Man and now working with him again in “OZ: The Great and Powerful”, he has a much deeper respect for James Franco who worked with Sam on this film. The idea in this movie was to tell a tale from before the classic movie that everyone has watched, and Mila Kunis said it was the first movie she ever saw after coming here with her family from Russia.

The team wanted to honor the original and not make any changes that would leave questions about the original movie but only to add a back story for OZ. While they couldn’t use anything from the original movie, they recreated the world to have a beautiful and enjoyable movie everyone can enjoy.

Sam Raimi also said he has learned a lot from his time in making movies and this is one he really looked forward to working with including the cast. The team would shoot constantly to make sure this movie would be at its best.

Michelle Williams was excited to take the role, since it was something different than she has done (it would be the first movie she has done that her daughter could see).

Sam Raimi and the cast want this movie to pay homage to the classic and be a family experience, which is a nice change of pace from his other movies.

The movie releases in 2013.

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