Preordering Resident Evil 6 nets you an Umbrella umbrella

Depending on where you live, this Umbrella umbrella may or may not be useful to you when you receive it alongside your brand new copy of Resident Evil 6. On the other hand, being able to whip out this unique umbrella during a Resident Evil cosplay gathering when it starts raining? Beyond priceless.

While Capcom is currently selling what appears to be the same umbrella for $16.95 at their online store, you can get it for free with your preorder purchase. Considering there hasn’t been any explanation as to whether customers will also get one of the three mercenary levels that are preorder incentives at other stores, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that you’ll only be getting the rain stopper/portable zombie pusher.

For those of you who need a reminder, the Capcom Community Blog has the rundown on which mercenary level you’ll receive from each of the participating retailers.

Resident Evil 6 will be available on October 2nd for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: Capcom Unity

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