Occult Academy Blu-ray review – Time travel, ghosts, magic and lots of comedy

in the future the world met with disaster as aliens invaded the Earth, killing millions and destroying nearly everything. There are not that many humans left, but those that are alive fight to change the future by stopping the events that was predicted by Nostradamus. The location is a school known as the “Occult Academy“, where many odd things have happened and time travelers sent back from the future have been killed, mysteriously.

Maya’s father founded the “Occult Academy” but hasn’t seen him in years after his obsession drove away his family. She heads for the school and when she arrives, it’s for her dad’s funeral. The one person who is especially happy is Maya’s childhood friend who hasn’t seen her in years after Maya left. During the funeral a voice recording plays with his final words, and it involves a spell he found. He ends up resurrecting a poltergeist that possesses the corpse and begins attacking everyone in attendance. Maya fends off the spirit and calls everything a hoax and says the Occult is completely fake. She works together with some of the students and the janitor to stop the poltergeist, but not before it haunts the school and takes another victim.

Maya eventually takes her father’s role as head of the school and wants to ruin the school that ruined her family, but little does she know that she will play a bigger role when she meets Fumiaki Uchida, a time traveler from the future who is here to find the key that causes the aliens to attack human life. He’s armed with a cell phone that can place calls and can function as a camera that will reveal the Nostradamus Key when the two team up. Maya unwillingly partners up at first, since she dislikes Fumiaki for appearing naked out of nowhere and later for his actions including lying.

From the first episode I actually expected Occult Academy to be more of a horror series. After the first two episodes the series took a different turn, mixing some comedy, suspense, a bit of horror, romance and everything crazy into 13 episodes. There are a lot of mysterious forces that come into play and everything is not what it seems.

While the story focuses on Maya, Fumiaki gets a lot of attention even though he hates the job. He has no choice if he wants to change the future. He also gets pretty popular with the women, which gets him in quite a bit of trouble with Maya as hilarity ensues.

Video Quality
At full 1080p, AVC MPEG-4 16:9 you get great visuals and crisp images especially since Occult Academy has so much going on in the backgrounds and lighting. Dark to light the series starts and ends great.

As with all other NIS America titles, it only contains Japanese voices with English dubs. You get some great voice acting and action sounds.

If it’s one thing NIS America knows how to do, it’s extras. An exclusive artbook featuring character information, episode synopsis and tons of artwork, as well as slip covers per each disc and a hardcover to house them all. Until supplies run out, NIS America will bring out a standard edition. Other than that only trailers for other NIS America titles are present, as well as clean opening and closing intros.

Overall Grade: B+

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