SDCC: I want that Figure Edition with Square Enix’s Play Art Kai line

Comic-Con is the Mecca of all things nerdy. Anything you look for chances are you will find it at Comic-Con. How you’re going to spend your money is another different story. This year walking the floor I saw Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and a vast amount of figures from TV shows, Movies and cartoons at almost 80% of the booths, which is the perfect example of “Just take all my money now!”

Square Enix figure line Play Arts has been making huge waves in the last few years releasing figures from not only Square Enix titles, but figures from other game companies such as Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, Multiple Street Fighter figures, Devil May Cry from Capcom, Spartans from Halo, a large Metal Gear Solid line and the list keeps going.

At Comic-Con they decided to just mess with us even more by showcasing what’s coming down the line…prepare for your fingers to start pre-ordering and your wallet to start getting more empty my fellow nerds.

From Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we see Kazuya and Jun. Jun finally makes an appearance in a game since the first Tekken Tag, and she got a whole new wardrobe. SE did a great job bringing out. nThere is no release info, but it already looks like one of the better Tekken figures I’ve seen since best statues go to Kotobukiya.

Street Fighter

Ignore the figure on the bottom for now, it’s going to be getting plenty of attention from me very shortly. As I mentioned before, the Play Arts line has released a few Street Fighter figures such as Akuma, Ryu, Cammy, and Chun Li. On the Square Enix website they feature some store special color variants. Play Arts has two new characters to add to the list of SF4 figures both Guile and Ibuki.

Devil May Cry

Ok now to one of my “Must Buy” or in this case 2. Play Arts previously released Devil May Cry 4 Figures featuring an older Dante as well as Nero, but what’s still dubbed as the best Devil May Cry game never really got the treatment it deserved till now. Play Arts will be releasing a Dante and Vergil figures and will be fully equipped to handle anything. Dante is seen holding Nevan and has Ebony and Ivory that can be switched out, Vergil has Yamato, and Force Edge since who needs anything else. Square Enix give me both now and take my money! Releasing in November.

Mass Effect 3

Play Arts also has a Mass Effect line. Garrus, Tali, Ashley, and Shepard (both male and female) will be getting some awesome looking figures that are also releasing in 2012. While Mass Effect 3 to me was a bit disappointing, I still really enjoyed the series, so this is another “Must Buy” for me. With 5 announced so far, it’s definitely going to make my wallet and bank account shrink.

Cowboy Bebop

In an OMG moment I was happy to see Play Arts is going back in time and releasing two Cowboy Bebop Figures. Both Spike and Vicious will be releasing in the near future.


The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is just a few days away now, and Play Arts will be making a new Batman and Bane figure in the movie style to celebrate, while the two are still unpainted they already look awesome and great for Batman fans since. The Arkham City line is already out as well as two new reveals, Harley Quinn and Robin.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Here is the top of my “Must Buy” line even above the Devil May Cry 3 Play Arts. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance is already out in Japan, and coming at the end of the month to the States. I am impatiently waiting for Gamestop to get my Collector’s Edition, so I can finally play the full game. Well now I am even more excited with this Tron-inspired Play Arts version of Sora and Riku. The first Play Arts I ever bought was the Kingdom Hearts line, completing my set, so this is a definite must for me.

Sigh so many wants, so little money to buy everything. While I scrounge and save to get everything I want, we will be reviewing these awesome figures one way or another, so make sure to check back.

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