SDCC: Assassin’s Creed III live demo unveiled at Comic-Con

3 years in the making, Assassin’s Creed III will be the 5th installment in the franchise. This heavily anticipated multi-platform game will launch on October 30, 2012. Comic-Con attendees were treated to the first ever public live gameplay demo at their panel in Ballroom 6BCF. The room was filled with awe’s and oo’s.

Alex Hutchinson was introduced by the lovely red-headed CM as the creative director of the game. When asked of how American elements of the game ties in to the franchise, he said that it was “as American as an Australian working for a French Company in Canada.”

We were first introduced to the E3 trailer that was unveiled a few months prior. Most have already seen it online, but it was still a crowd pleaser. Questions were then asked by the CM directed to Alex Hutchinson.

Climbing trees was identified as a new element. It was elaborated that features and elements of previous Assassin’s Creed games would not be added for the sake of consistency, but instead game designers would be trying new things. But would there still be a leap of faith? Answer, yep!

New weapons include the rope dart, which was demoed in the gameplay. Alex said it was the most unrealistic weapon in the game for the era but was, in fact inspired by Chinese weaponry. Below are screenshots of a rope dart kill from the trees.

The tomahawk was one of the surprise weapons for Assassin’s Creed III and helped confirm the (now verified) rumor that the next lead would be American Indian in race. Alex said that this was to elaborate that Connor was not sided at all in the Revolutionary War, but instead was a 3rd party with his own agenda. There would only be a few missions where Connor would be explicitly choosing a side as mentioned by Alex.

The hidden blade was modified a bit and can also be used as knife. We saw a bit of this during  one of the fights at the end of the demo. Other memorable scenes from the playable demo involved a discrete kill from a moving wagon of hay. Alex said that game developers wanted to add more ways to disable an enemy without killing them. But promptly after saying that, the demo went back into more assassinating and killing.

When asked about the name Connor, it was revealed that Connor was actually the 3rd consideration. Being American Indian, one of the other considerations was actually unpronounceable. Our 3rd assassin was almost named “Rodan Hagadan (sp?).”

Assassin’s Creed III will take place in 2 major cities: Boston and New York. In additional to those cities there is also, a larger than previous games, frontier, and also a New England coastline to discover. Weather elements were discussed and will be a factor in all cities and sceneries. Extreme snowy weather was identified by Alex to not play a factor in visibility.

Scalping, which is reminiscent of the era, will NOT be included in the game, although it was practiced by American Indians of that time. Alex said that it was akin to killing children, so the game developers decided to exclude it from the game.

The gameplay demo has been posted and can be seen at the below link.

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