Cosplayers get their own theme songs just in time for San Diego Comic-Con

It’s a good week for cosplayers. We have San Diego Comic-Con, a haven for cosplayers, happening this weekend. We also have two cosplay songs released this week, one of them from video game/geek parody group ScreenTeamShow and the other from nerdcore rapper Richie Branson.

Check out the video, “Cosplay Is a Good Time,” by ScreenTeamShow that they released just for San Diego Comic-Con 2012. This is a parody of “Good Time” by Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen.

And you definitely have to check out “Cosplay Girl” by Richie Branson. This track is definitely nerdy and something you can dance to. Check out the preview video below.

To purchase the track, you can visit iTunes and Amazon. Better yet, buy the whole EP, since all the tracks are tight.

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