The Amazing Spider-Man game review – Amazingly Good

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Marvel Comic book hero can.

The Amazing Spider-Man movie released earlier this week while the game came out last week.  Even if you haven’t seen the movie yet, the good news is that the story is different. The game takes place a few months after the events of the movie, so if you’ve played the game first, you know what happens after the events of the movie. It’s probably best if you watch the movie first.

*small spoilers ahead*

Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker sneak into Oscorp a few months after the events of the movie, after Gwen learns that the genetic testing that Dr. Curt Connors was working on gave Peter his abilities and turned Dr. Connors into the Lizard. Those experiments that Dr. Connors have been working on are still on the loose. Peter and Gwen run into Alistaire Smythe, who is now the lead scientist of Oscorp. He believes that machines are the answer to everything and will lead humans into the future. Smythe assures Gwen that soon all of Dr. Connors’ experiments would be destroyed because they can infect others. Many of the creatures start going out of control, and Gwen realizes it’s because of Peter that they are starting to go berserk. As all the scientists start to evacuate, Peter sees Gwen get kidnapped and bitten by the mutant. He changes into his Spider-Man outfit and rushes Gwen to quarantine.

All hell has broken loose as the mutants escape from Oscorp and Alistaire Smythe releases his robots that only attack the infected. Sadly Spider-Man is classified as an infected and has to not only face infected mutants, infected humans and crooks, but also robots designed to take down the mutants. His only hope lies in the person who originally started everything: Dr. Curt Connors, who is locked up in a mental asylum. Whats a guy to do? Peter sets up home base with Dr. Connors at Stan’s apartment (Stan Lee), as the two race against time before all of New York becomes infected.

Just like the previous games based off the Spider-Man movies, The Amazing Spider-Man game is a free-roaming game, allowing you to web swing freely around the wold map that is filled with side missions. These include helping innocent bystanders, stopping crime, stopping car chases, races and photography (this gives Spider-Man experience points for leveling up). Peter can do these side missions freely at any time after or before a storyline event. New to this game is a focused web swing that allows you to freeze time for a few seconds and freely target enemies or locations. Using the web zip, you’ll easily have a chance to take down enemies with weapons.

Spider-Man has added a few new abilities to his arsenal. The battle and combo system is very similar to Batman, as Spider-Man can attack and dodge. By creating long combos, he can also use his web to bind opponents or get in for attacks. He can also activate devastating combo finishers by reaching a specific combo count which will instantly take down enemies. A nice new addition is also stealth takedowns. By using the ceilings and walls, Spider-Man can take out enemies without any sweat diminishing. Quick time events make sure you’re paying attention.

Spider-Man also unlocks new techniques in the game by reaching specific levels, playing certain sidequests or during story mode. By using his level points or collected metals spread out around the game, Spidey can strike fear into his enemies. Along with collectible items via stages and comic books spread all around maps, there is plenty to do. Let’s not forget the unlockable costumes.

Deadly with sexy glasses

The Amazing Spider-Man game is definitely one of the best movies games I have played to this date. The game is pretty short if you only do the main story, but the side missions add quite a few extra hours, and if you are a perfectionist, the couple thousand comic book pages will add quite a bit. Oh did I forget to mention you get to fight Black Cat? She’s definitely a hottie.

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