Who is the mystery man in the Amazing Spider-Man mid-credits scene?

Spoilers Ahead

If you’ve stayed a bit behind during the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man, you’d see a scene where Dr. Curt Connors is inside an asylum cell after being apprehended by the authorities. He sees a shadowy figure in the cell with him who tells him if he’s revealed what happened to Peter Parker’s father. Connors says no. The shadowy figure replied that Parker will okay for now, resulting in Connors yelling at him to leave Parker alone.

According to actor Rhys Ifans who played Connors, the mystery man is a representative of Oscorp. He didn’t reveal how the person was able to appear in and out of the cell though.

Director Marc Webb reveals a clue as to what we can expect from the sequel, based on what we saw from The Amazing Spider-Man. He talks about the part where Peter Parker visits Oscorp, and there’s a display that reads, “Our Founder, Norman Osborn”. Webb then mentions that there’s another force who’s pulling the strings.

Fans have been speculating on who that mystery figure is during the mid-credits scene. Theories included Norman Osborne, Mysterio and Dr. Curt Connors just seeing things.

The theory that it’s Mysterio could be possible, since he is an illusionist who can make people see things. He could possibly be messing with Connors’ mind. As for him being a main villain in the sequel, I highly doubt that. If they do use him, I’m thinking his role will be like the Scarecrow in Batman Begins.

So who do you think is the mystery man?

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