League of Legends: 100th Champion Sneak Peak! Jayce, The Defender of Tomorrow

As the League of Legends Season Two World championships approach, which is offering the largest cash pot in gaming history, another important milestone is also on the horizon, and that is the release of the game’s 100th champion, Jayce, The Defender of Tomorrow. Just released on July 2nd is the Sneak Peak, which offers little but some splash art and a basic explanation of the champion’s origin. Videos of his abilities have also been leaked, so enjoy the few spoilers of this much anticipated powerhouse.

If you’ve been waiting for the League to acquire a true Renaissance man, then your long wait is over. Meet Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow. In addition to being a class act and charmer, this modern gentleman is one of Piltover’s premier scientific geniuses.

This brazen, well-equipped man for all seasons sports hi-tech armor and wields the skull-crushing Mercury Hammer that also transforms into the Mercury Cannon. Whether you want to get up close and personal to punish enemies with a gigantic blunt instrument or shake things up by peppering opponents with energy blasts from a distance, Jayce has the skills it takes to deliver.


A Spoiler of his ability animations.


And some possible leaks on his abilities.

Q – To the Skies / Shock Blast
W – Static Field / Hyper Charge
E – Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate
R – Deformation (Kind of like Nidalee’s Ult, giving him a different skill-set and basic attack.)

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