Training video for Prometheus scientists explains everything

I will never understand the logic behind the scientists in Prometheus, but here’s a video showing us the training methods in becoming a space scientist. In the training video, if

Pyromania week begins in TF2

The time is finally upon us! Our dear gender confused flame enthusiast, the Pyro, is finally getting his own major Team Fortress 2 update since the Pyro Update many years ago,

Toy Hunter: New TV show about collecting toys

They’re finally making a show about one of my favorite hobbies, toy collecting. We’ve had AMC’s Comic Book Men kind of dabbling in that, but to have a full show

Dark Knight Rises tickets being scalped for over $300 dollars?!

Ticket scalpers have been the vain of many concert goers for years, asking unreasonable prices for concert tickets at SOLD OUT shows. Now it seems they have shifted their focus

Guess who might be back on Season 3 of The Walking Dead?

Seems like AMC is not shying away from letting out any spoilers from Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Just last week, it was revealed that everyone’s favorite racist redneck,

HBO pulls George Bush beheaded episode of Game of Thrones

If you haven’t heard by now, Game of Thrones has recently gained some major heat when a fan brought to everyone’s attention that a beheaded George W. Bush makes an

Namco-Bandai is doing the next Smash Bros., is that a good idea?

The Smash Bros. series has gained a lot of popularity over the years with its unique combination of platforming and 2D fighting. The fans of the series are some of

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau no longer in Iron Man 3

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers) was originally set to play a key scientist in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. The character is portrayed as

You can always count on Bruce Campbell to be in a Spider-Man game

Yes, I have a man-crush on Bruce Campbell, and anything that gets him a gig, I’m all for it. News of Bruce Campbell being in a Spider-Man game shouldn’t be

CosCast 30: Legend of Korra discussion and cosplay tips

This week the boys go off on a tangent about the awesome show Legend of Korra. We talk about building some of the costumes from the show but also about

16-bit Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Freddie Wong’s crew has created a 16-bit version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in conjunction with the release of the film today. This is for all you old-school console fans

Interview with Hitman: Absolution producer, Luke Valentine

It’s been about six years since Hitman was last on the scene in Blood Money; that’s quite a long hiatus for any game series, and a long wait for eager

Transformers 4 will not be a reboot and will have less Earth

Michael Bay has mentioned before that the next Transformers movie will be a reboot. It looks like he has turned back on his words. In a recent interview with LA

E3 2012: GAEMS launches the new G155 Sentry

In 2011 when the Microsoft store had a series of launch events, I first came to see the the G155 during the Call of Duty Modern Warfare event. It looks

E3 2012: Hands-on with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sega realized many people love racing games. So what better way to promote the Sega brand then to have Sega characters. So they put Sonic and his friends in an

Trading in that old 3DS for the new 3DS XL? What to know before upgrading

Nintendo announced that in August the new 3DS XL will be coming out. It’ll be an upgrade to the 3DS that released in March 2011. The 3DS system met with

E3 2012: Tecmo Koei booth going big with a Dead or Alive 5 tournament

It’s been a pretty long time since I last played a Dead of Alive game. The first game I ever played was Dead or Alive 2 on the Dreamcast. I

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Demo up now on the 3DS shop

Right before E3 I posted about loving the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance demo, and today during the Nintendo Live stream, it was announced the demo is already up on the 3DS

New Nintendo 3DS XL to be available in the US August 19th

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has just announced the New 3DS XL (LL in Japan), a hardware refresh in the works to be released in Japan on July 28th, and the

Taken 2 trailer: Because watching Liam Neeson beating up dudes never gets old

The first Taken movie caught me by surprise and turned out to be a really intense movie. Who knew watching Liam Neeson beat the shit out of foreigners was so