So is Marvel doing Black Panther or Guardians of the Galaxy?

It looks like Marvel Studios is going to be working on a Guardians of the Galaxy movie that will feature Thanos and will lead up to Avengers 2. Latino Review revealed that this will be the next movie by Marvel after the release of Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2. It will be the second Marvel movie after Captain America in 2014. But wait, didn’t they also reveal that there’ll be another Marvel movie starring Black Panther? So which one is it? Maybe Marvel is feeling ballsy and is going to attempt to do both.

Artwork by Brad Walker

The Guardians of the Galaxy features a diverse group of heroes in space. There are many different versions of the group, but if Marvel Studios is going to do it, it’ll be the 2008 version. As weird as the list of heroes is in Guardians of the Galaxy, this artwork above looks bad ass. I’d throw money at the screen to see a talking Raccoon superhero kick ass.

So where does that leave Black Panther? I’m not sure. If you don’t know who Black Panther is, he’s an African warrior with powers that give him extra strength, speed, agility, and sense thanks to the gods.

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