NIS America’s Haru Akenaga leaves as Sohei Niikawa takes the reigns

Recently NIS America sent out a press release that announced that its current President Haru Akenaga will step down from his position effective July 1st, and that the current President of NIS Sohei Niikawa be taking reigns of both the East and West companies.

Haru Akenaga has been president of NIS America since it was founded back in late 2003 and has helped the company grow and mature into what it is today, focusing on localizing great JRPG titles from Japan and bringing them over to the fans. What would it be like without Disgaea, Atelier, Hyper Neptunia and other fun Gust and Compile Heart games? I fear the thought.

I imagine the Prinnies in the back are tasked with cleaning the office and moving stuff around, but at least they know they will be in good hands with Sohei Niikawa as president and lead producer of the Disgaea series.

“As I move on from NISA I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to all who have supported this company during the past 8 years. When I think back to the time NISA was established, it feels like a small miracle that NISA was able to exist and enjoy this kind of growth and success. I can say with certainty that we would not be here today if not for the tremendous help we received from everyone. Through NISA I have gained many valuable experiences and made personal connections that I will treasure throughout my life and career. I consider myself truly fortunate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful 8 years. I will see you in the near future!” – Haru Akenaga

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