E3 2012: Enemy Front


Enemy Front is an FPS that takes you back to World War II. When I saw this game I first thought this was Medal of Honor from back in the day, only with better graphics. But I was mistaken. This was totally different. Not only were the graphics better, but the gameplay looked very fluid. And from what we were told, the missions played here will take place in battles that are less well known, but are still a crucial part of the war.

Being a huge fan of the old-school Medal of Honor, I was happy to see this game. It was my first game I played on console that was an FPS. I played many FPS games on PC before, but I’ve never played it on a console. And that introduced me to a whole new world of gaming.

Anyway, this game looks to be one of those games that will take more than just run-and-gun tactics to beat. From the demo they showed, the AIs were aware of the surroundings and worked together as a group. So just simply jumping into the crowd with guns blazing will not help you in this game. It will require precision and cunning to win (That or just lower the difficulty level). This game looks to be amazing. It will be released on XBL, PSN, and PC.

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