Chaos and Defense review: Bringing RTS and tower defense to your smartphones

WeMade Entertainment has entered the iOS and Android market with Chaos and Defense, a game that mixes RTS (real-time strategy) and tower defense gameplay into the palm of your hand. Your main objective is to defeat the enemy by taking down their castle. You’re given offensive warriors who’ll help you destroy the castle and defensive towers and barracks to help prevent the opposing side from destroying your castle. You’ll be able to play against AI via missions or against players via ladder and item matches.

Players have 6 slots for their inventory of warrior barracks and towers. You’ll have a choice to create warriors including Swordsman, Ice Witch, Archer, and many more. You’ll be able to unlock stronger warriors including a giant and knights on horses. For defense, you’ll get towers, cannons and etc. Towers and other defensive items will automatically attack oncoming enemies. Different types of warriors will have strengths and weaknesses against other warriors, so it’s best to predict who’s the best for the job.

To receive new warriors and items, you’ll have to beat a match. Three mystery pods will show up, and you’ll be able to pick just one. If you pick a good one, you get to use it on your deck for the next game. You’ll be able to choose and arrange warriors, towers and weapons on your deck on the main menu. You can also purchase new units using gems. Choose wisely, because they’ll be your only source of help during the next match.

The are many different types of warriors that range from medieval to modern military and melee to ranged attacks. You can upgrade the barracks that generate the warriors to make the next batch of warriors stronger.

Creating buildings and generating warriors cost money, so you’ll have to earn some gold coins by mining. If you upgrade the mines, you’ll be generously rewarded when the next gold coins are available. So the more gold you have, the more warriors you can create, and the more mines and barracks you can upgrade.

Like a lot of other RTS games, Chaos & Defense is all about being fast and knowing the best strategy for your target. You’ll actively have to keep an eye on things, as your guys will be dying quickly and your defenses will be broken. The game can get repetitive, but playing online is pretty fun.

Even though I’m not much of an RTS player, I know there are a lot of other good RTS games out there. For this one, I was pleasantly entertained and had a lot of fun playing against other online players.

Grade: B-

Chaos & Defense will be out at the end of the month. Check out their Facebook page at:

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