New Mass Effect 3 ending has Shepard sticking it to the Reapers

Spoilers ahead. The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC has been released. The meat of the extended scenes are stills with narration that explains the aftermath. Not only did the DLC expand on the ending, but it also added a new option where you can have Shepard be the bad ass by telling the Reapers’ god child to shove it up his ass. That, however, will give you the worst ending.

Refusal Ending

In this ending, Commander Shepard refuses to choose any of the options presented by the starchild. This results in the child speaking like the Harbinger (or Reaper). After that, the Reapers then rape the galaxy.

Control Ending

Commander Shepard now takes control of the Reaper, but in a new form. The old Shepard is gone while the new Shepard works to protect the many. Reminds me of the Deus Ex Helios ending.

Synthesis Ending

With the Synthesis ending, everyone now has green glowing eyes. EDI narrates the extended scenes. The Reapers are now helping the galaxy rebuild, and synthetics and organics are now working together in peace. Yay, everybody’s happy.

Destroy Ending

Admiral Hackett narrates the extended scenes. The synthetics are gone, as we can see that EDI is not part of the crew in the end. If only there was a way to save EDI, I think this would’ve been the best ending.

Each of the ending (except for the refusal one) has the crew of the Normandy mourning Shepard’s lost as one of your teammates (depends on how you play the game) puts Shepard’s name on the memorial wall. In the Destroy ending, your teammate holds onto the name as the scene fades out. This is symbolic since I think Garrus believes that Shepard is still alive. We see this is the case when Shepard is breathing in the rubble.

With this Extended Cut release, are BioWare and EA forgiven?

[via Kotaku]

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