Toy Hunter: New TV show about collecting toys

They’re finally making a show about one of my favorite hobbies, toy collecting. We’ve had AMC’s Comic Book Men kind of dabbling in that, but to have a full show about hunting toys? Sign me up! Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter will have a one-hour premiere on Wednesday, August 15 at 10pm, ET/PT (regular time slot at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT beginning Wednesday, August 22).

Expert toy collector and collectible store owner Jordan Hembrough will lead us through a journey of scavenging through attics and garages to find vintage and rare collectibles including properties like Star Wars, Batmans, Barbies and more. He will travel all across America for these golden geeky treasures.

These are just some of the collectibles that he is searching for:

  • “The Six Million Dollar Man” Venus Space Probe (1977)
  • GI Joe: “Pimp Daddy” Destro (1997)
  • Jurassic Park Prototypes (1994)
  • Luke Skywalker Telescoping Lightsaber (1977)
  • Care Bears Treat Heart Pig (1982)
  • Barbie #1 in box (with brunette hair) (1959)

To kind of get a feel for how much these toys and collectibles are worth, many of them are worth around a thousand dollars. What an expensive hobby. Looks like I’ll have to rummage through my figures to see how much they’re worth now. Time to check out my boxes filled with toys.

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