Trading in that old 3DS for the new 3DS XL? What to know before upgrading

Nintendo announced that in August the new 3DS XL will be coming out. It’ll be an upgrade to the 3DS that released in March 2011. The 3DS system met with low sales when it first came out with the price of $249.99. Less than 6 months later, it dropped to $169.99 and released more games which increased sales drastically. The 3DS wasn’t as popular as Nintendo would hope, and the company tried to make it up by giving owners the Ambassador Program, which gave owners 10 free original NES games and 10 free GBA games as an exclusive.

Nintendo is hoping to raise sales of the 3DS with the 3DS XL. It is bigger with a 4.88 inch upper screen, compared to the original 3.5-inch top screen of the current 3DS model while the bottom screen is also larger, at 4.18 inches meaning more space and a better lower screen. We announced earlier that the 3DS XL will retail for $199.99 in August, but here are some information you should know.

Soon places like Gamestop and Best Buy will be offering pre-orders and trade-in promotions to upgrade your 3DS to the 3DS XL. Don’t be fooled if you have put numerous hours on your systems and have spent money on the Nintendo eShop. Back in Novemeber Nintendo released an update that allows you to transfer your content, stored personal information, Mii info and everything else over to a new 3DS system, but the problem is you have to have the other system already on, in your hands and an internet connection.

Normally the increased Gamestop and Best Buy trade-in value towards the new system means you have to trade in the system, which is approximately between $80-$100 and has to be done before or on the day you buy your system. If you don’t care about the data stored in your system, then go for it. For everyone else. I won’t be trading my 3DS until I have transferred everything over to the XL which probably means I will be getting quite a bit less credit when I trade in.

Let’s hope Gamestop and other retailers will work with the customers to make everyone happy. The XL is less than two months away.

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