‘The Megas’ release their new album ‘History Repeating: Blue’

It has been four years since the video game inspired rock band ‘The Megas‘ released their Mega Man 2 influenced sountrack ‘Get Equipped’. Since then the band has been working on new material and earning a very special reference in the Archie ‘Mega Man’ comic book series. Now their much anticipated Mega Man 3 album is about to drop and it’s so epic that all it’s face melting glory can’t be contained in just one release. To remdy that ‘The Megas’ have decided to split the album in two parts with the second part to be out at a later date.

Right now, fans can get a copy of ‘History Repeating: Blue’, in which the themes of the robot masters Top Man, Magnet Man, Spark Man, Snake Man, and Wily’s fortress gets that special megas treatment. At the moment fans can download it for $10 at the band’s website or for the same price they can get the physical CD. So hurry up and grab yourself a copy, because when that nefarious Wily attacks you’re gonna want your battle theme!

History Repeating: Blue [Bandcamp]

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