E3 2012: Where was Grand Theft Auto V?

E3 has come and gone, and many are still talking about it. The one question that continues to come up is where was Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V? Rumors surfaced earlier last month, that the developer had no plans to attend this year’s convention. The “Big Three” press conferences came and went, and no new footage of GTA V was anywhere to be found.

Many believe that Rockstar’s “no show” at this year’s event is proof that the title will not be released until next year. Despite, earlier reports leaked from a Rockstar Lead Artist’s resume that claimed the game was coming out October of this year.

Many industry analyst believe that the game will more than likely be released between April and May of next year. Which does the Rockstar MO, being the last four big titles were released in that exact same time period: Max Payne 3 (May), LA Noire (May), Red Dead Redemption (May) and even GTA IV (April). Since the time frame has been working quite well for Rockstar Games, there is no reason to believe they would change it now.

While there is still no new news on GTA V, there is a rumor floating around that fans can expect a new trailer some time shortly.

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