E3 2012: The Mystery of SEGA’s Project Diva f

Perhaps the most surprising appearance at E3 for me this year was a title that sparked a little bit of hope. Japan’s Virtual Pop Idol, Hatsune Miku, makes her E3 debut as a playable demo for the PS VITA known as Project Diva f. It is the 3rd title in the series and the first to appear on Sony’s new handheld. When I asked the SEGA representative there about localization, they sadly could not confirm that it was coming over stateside. That alone accounts for its odd presences seeing as E3 is primarily a showcase of games to be released in the Western part of the world.

The new title touts better graphics thanks to the VITA’s suped up hardware and a few new gameplay additions. Videos are overhauled to present a more cinematic experience rather than simply a dance routine. The first new addition is the star note. While I initially thought I had to tap the star, it was told I had to “swipe” the screen, which struck me as weird way to hit a note, but I adjusted nonetheless and I was already engrossed like it was Project Diva 2nd all over again. Next are the new “bonus stages” of the songs, these parts of a song generally appeared at the end of a song and provided the best opportunity to score points. Now, it depending on one’s performance, it can be activated earlier when one is doing well similar to Guitar Hero‘s star power gauge.

Perhaps it’s a sign of SEGA measuring its potential fanbase in North America? One thing’s for sure, the SoA rep asked us to let SEGA Japan know we want this game. So let’s do our part to make our voices heard! Time will tell if SEGA deems us worthy enough. The game is slated to be released in Japan in late August.

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