Get your PlayStation Plus 1-month codes and PS Vita 1-month DataConnect codes here

The fine folks over at Sony PlayStation were kind enough to offer us a bunch of codes for PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Vita. With the PlayStation Plus codes, you’ll be able to get a free 1-month membership, allowing you access to a lot of free games, discounts, early betas, demos and features. With the PlayStation Vita DataConnect codes, you’ll get a month of AT&T DataConnect Pass 250MB ($14.99 value) for your PlayStation Vita 3G/WiFi device.

Check out the codes and instructions below. More codes to follow.

PlayStation Plus 1-month membership codes (Valid through 7/15/2012. Credit card required for activation):

New codes as of June 14, 2012:

  • 9T47-KHNT-8KPC
  • 82F7-DENR-KBQD
  • 2TLM-DDN7-E56K

Old codes:

  • 79PR-LJN5-ATFA
  • 6MF8-A9N5-DJLF
  • JER8-4FNN-N5ER
  • EP29-7GNF-THD6

PlayStation Vita 1-month AT&T DataConnect Pass 250MB codes:

  • 7526640479633
  • 8906997978128
  • 5853728000028
  • 1575472341844
  • 1774791661403

Instructions for PlayStation Plus codes:

  • This code may be redeemed using the PlayStation Store on the PS3, PSP or PC.
  • Create an account on the PlayStation Network (or log-in to PlayStation Network using an existing account).
  • From the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB, select ‘PlayStation Store’ (not applicable on the PC).
  • Select the ‘Redeem Codes’ icon located in the upper right of the screen. Enter code and click ‘Continue’.
  • The product will be available for download on the next screen.
  • A credit card is required to redeem your PlayStation Plus 30-day trial, but you will receive this trial without charge. Unless you cancel your subscription at least one day prior to the end of the 30-day trial, your trial will automatically convert to a 3-month PlayStation Plus subscription, and $17.99 will automatically be deducted from your PlayStation wallet according to the PlayStation Network ToS and User Agreement.

Instructions for PlayStation Vita DataConnect codes:

  • Click on the AT&T Mobile Broadband app.
  • Select Prepaid DataConnect Pass.
  • Under the “New Customer” Section, select “Get Your Pass”
  • Begin creating your account.
  • Payment type – select “Promotion Coupon”
  • Enter your promo code.
  • On the “Plans” screen, select DataConnect Pass 250MB plan
  • Continue to follow the screens & confirm your selection.
  • You will receive an “Order Success” confirmation.
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