E3 2012: Nvidia’s Grid changes the face of cloud gaming

Never install again. Sound too good to be true? Well Nvidia doesn’t seem to think so and has recently announced its partnership with Samsung and Gaikai to take cloud-based platform gaming to an entirely new level. Some of us have had cloud gaming experiences with Onlive and unfortunately realized that with top end games, the stream will begin to lag in high intensity areas. Nvidia took this concept and said “Fixt“.

Nvidia Grid is to put simply, dedicated ultra-low-latency streaming technology and cloud graphics software. A single GRID unit houses two GPUs based on Nvidia’s Kepler technology, which Nvidia claims are capable of maintaining eight separate game streams simultaneously. Yes, you may drool now. Seeing the live demo really put this into perspective. Hawken ran on the highest settings at around 30-40 FPS. Meaning you can stream ultra high games on anything from your desktop to your tablet, phone, or microwave (Take my word for it, it’ll happen one day).

Additionally, Nvidia is working with smart TV manufacturers such as Samsung to reduce ethernet input lag so that, in theory, Gaikai could have latency on par with a console connected via HDMI or better!

Sadly no specific date has been announced on the launch of this software, but this is a huge leap in gaming evolution. Imagine, playing Skyrim on high settings from a smartphone. There is also no word of a price for this service, but as stated by Nvidia, this falls solely on Gaikai, and that “our job here, is done.”

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