Runes of Magic Chapter V going live tomorrow

Frogster is getting ready to unleash the dwarves on the populace of Runes of Magic, and preparations to implement Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge are currently underway. Game servers have just been taken down, and will be back up at 4 am tomorrow when the patch goes live.

Chapter V is set to bring the Shadowforge Dwarves into the fray, an ancient race that were granted the ability to use dark magic thousands of years ago. Eventually, the dwarves became too powerful in their use of the magic, and it would backfire onto them, cursing the entire race and turning them to stone. Fast forward to present day where a group of scientists stumbled onto the remains of their civilization, and have since figured out how to breathe life into them again.

The dwarves will have two classes unique to them, each with a different playstyle and abilities. The Champion is a melee class that uses their dark magic to bolster their strength, even allowing them to transform into powerful runic robots for a short period of time. Warlocks, meanwhile, are the token caster class, utilizing curses and dark elemental spells to hinder their foes, and whilst also assisting their party. The dwarves also get their own starting area, complete with its own instance that serves to progress the storyline. The patch will also include two new areas to explore for all players, the Kingdom of Rorazan, and Chrysalia, as well as another new instance, the Aeternal Circle.

If you want something to tide you over until the patch goes live, you can always watch the trailer for Chapter V below, and you can refresh yourself on the planned patch contents at the official website. Only a few more hours until players can harness the dark power of the Shadowforge Dwarves themselves.



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