Starz celebrates Kirk Douglas: I Am Spartacus

In support of Kirk Douglas’ new book, “I am Spartacus! Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist,” STARZ threw a special panel for the 95-year-old actor. Also included were Spartacus: Vengeance’s creator/producer Steven S. DeKnight and star of the show Liam McIntrye. The red carpet was rolled out for the three stars and Nerd Reactor was out there with them at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Goldenson Theater.

Mr. Douglas was the first to appear on the red carpet. For a 95-year-old man, Mr. Douglas was very talkative and saying hello to every media outlet. When asked what he thought of the show, he exclaimed how much he loved the show – including the nitty gritty. He goes on saying jokingly he would like to play Spartacus next season. When asked about his book, he goes on talking about giving credit to blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo for his 1960 film Spartacus. Back when it was unheard of using a blacklisted screenwriter (Trumbo was part of the Hollywood Ten), Douglas publicly announced Trumbo’s involvement with the film – opening doors for many blacklisted entertainers and eventually breaking the blacklist.

We spoke to Liam McIntrye regarding his experience meeting Mr. Douglas for the first time:

“I expected a whole lot of intimidating, but he was just so lovely – aww, you’re a legend in Hollywood and you’re really nice… he’s something else. I cannot believe I’m in the same room as him. Two years ago, never [thought] it would happen… He’s an inspiration for more than just Spartacus, but I don’t think people appreciate him much, Fast [Author of the novel Spartacus] and Trumbo – those people – created who Spartacus was to the modern audience. It’s a few lines and some old text and they made him a person with a heart and soul. We have so much to thank Kirk Douglas for – and Andy [Whitfield].”

Creator Steven S. DeKnight joined in our interview and we tried getting some juicy details regarding the upcoming season of Spartacus: War of the Damned. With almost all of the ladies dying in the last season, will we see Spartacus with any new love interest? And who would be his ideal woman for the role?

DeKnight and McIntrye joked about Crixus [Manu Bennet] being a potential love interest for Spartacus. DeKnight said, “Don’t tempt me, I will go there.” They go on spoiling that there will be three or four major female characters that will be introduced this season. DeKnight goes on to say, “Spartacus, of course, this season, he has a bad track record with people loving him and getting murdered, so he’s a little reluctant to get his heart out there.”

McIntrye concluded, “There’s going to be some interesting and romantic entanglements – and changes.”

I can’t wait.

Douglas’ latest work, I Am Spartacus! Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist, will be available as an eBook and as a paperback June 12 from Open Road Media.

Spartacus: War of the Damned final season will premiere January 2013 on Starz network.

Photographs courtesy of Jung Kim Photography

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