From Killer Freaks to ZombiU, Wii U’s Left 4 Dead-like game is teased at E3

Ubisoft showed off a new IP that was shown off last year at E3. Confused? They took the development that they did on Killer Freaks From Outer Space and turned it into ZombiU. With that information in hand, and the fact that it’s still a Wii U exclusive, I think it’s safe to assume some of the things that we can expect from the game. It will most likely retain the asymmetrical gameplay that the Wii U will soon be known for. I presume that one player will be holding the Wii U controller and using the screen to direct zombie hordes (with a top-down view) towards the other players who are controlling people. The players who play as survivors will most likely be playing in first person with Wii remotes and nunchucks. It’s too early to say, especially because the trailer below doesn’t contain any gameplay, but perhaps Ubisoft can bring their own twist to the formula that games like Left 4 Dead and Natural Selection helped to pioneer.

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