E3 2012: Heavy Rain developer unveils new game, Beyond: Two Souls

When David Cage released the Kara tech demo during GDC 2012, many were wondering if it was going to be Quantic Dream’s next video game project. Well, many of us were completely wrong when David Cage revealed his newest project, Beyond: Two Souls. One of the biggest news is that they were able to cast Ellen Page to play the main character, Jodie Holmes. What makes this game unique is that you’ll be able to go through her journey from a child to a young adult. The only game I can think of that lets you play as a young and old character would be Zelda: Ocarina of Time. An even more interesting thing is that she has supernatural powers. Whether she’s possessed by ghosts or controlling them, she is definitely dangerous.

We really don’t get to see gameplay, but I can bet it’s going to be another adventure game. Quantic Dream has stepped up the graphics a lot. The characters look great and the zombie eyes that have plagued Heavy Rain are non-existent. Check out the trailer below.

Kara tech demo

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