Assassin’s Creed III gets a lot of E3 love with videos galore

Ubisoft has gone all out at this year’s E3 with a bunch of new Assassin’s Creed III media. We get to see a cool CG trailer and a lot of gameplay footage.

The coolest new element would have to be during the Sony Media Briefing when Ubisoft revealed naval warfare. Our assassin, Connor, is in charge of a ship. As captain, he can sail the ship on the ocean with his fellow shipmates. The ocean looks amazing. The cannons that Connor fires towards enemy ships feels pretty intense and looks deadly, and this new feature definitely beats out the “Tower Defense” element in Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Ships get taken out and when your ship gets hit, you can see the hot ember as a result of being hit. The weather during the naval battle is really breathtaking, especially when the storm hits, complete with thunder and rain.

The frontier gameplay trailer has our assassin facing a new challenge…the wild. Connor goes up against a pack of wolves, and it’s a fight for survival. He can battle wolves like he battles humans, with counter moves. The enemy AI has also gotten a lot better, since they don’t wait or take turns to attack you. His counter moves feels more fluid as he deflects attacks from many enemies consecutively. Bringing in the woods also brings in a new way of traversing. Connor can freely move and climb up and around trees. If they ever made a Tarzan game, it would be something like this.

The E3 2012 CG trailer is good as always, but this trailer did feel underwhelming compared to the gameplay demonstration. Check out the rest of the videos below.

E3 2012 Trailer

Frontier Gameplay Demo

Boston Stealth Walkthrough

Naval Warfare

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