E3 – Splinter Cell: Blacklist surprises at Microsoft’s press conference

Microsoft showed off a bit of a surprise today at their E3 2012 press conference: Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It’s only been two years since the last Splinter Cell, and already there look to be a lot of changes. Sam Fisher has apparently been blacklisted, and he’s followed the trail of corruption to an unknown Middle Eastern country.

The first thing that I noticed about the gameplay is that while Sam Fisher will still be somewhat sneaky, he’s got some new moves that make him a much more formidable foe against small groups of enemies. In Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam was able to mark several enemies and then execute them all at once. He now seems to be a lot quicker about it. In the gameplay trailer, he was able to execute enemies while he was moving towards another target that he didn’t choose to execute; instead, he performed a brutal take-down to eliminate the last of his adversaries.

Sam is a lot more agile this time around; we saw him quickly leaping up the side of a flat hillside, for example. The game in general looks like it’s a lot more action-oriented, with Sam running, taking cover, and quickly moving to new cover. Sam is also able to get some special help by way of satellite-guided missiles that can be directed by your voice and Kinect. The Splinter Cell series now seems to be specially tailored to audiences that prefer a bit more action, but it also seems to retain the sneakiness that it’s known for; It’s just in a faster form, and it’s looking pretty good.

It wasn’t stated specifically, so we can’t tell you which systems that Splinter Cell: Blacklist will show up on. However, we’re speculating that it might be multi-platform when it hits in early 2013.

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