Labyrinth of Jareth 2012 Photo Gallery was invited to the Labyrinth of Jareth 2012. The event was a lot of fun, and it was great to see all the amazing and beautiful outfits from the

Ukiyo-e illustrations of video games

For those that don’t know what Ukiyo-e (pronounced ooh-key-yo-eh) is, it is a form of art in Japan using wood blocks. The name Ukiyo-e is translated in English as “pictures

Assassin’s Creed composer Jesper Kyd joins Borderlands 2

I have a confession to make. A lot of my music playlist as of late is music from Jesper Kyd. His latest samples from Darksiders II is haunting, chilling and…dare

The Avengers head to Blu-ray September 25th

Disney has announced that The Avengers will be available on Blu-ray September 25, 2012. The 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack will contain a Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On-Demand access.

Trailer & Images of ‘Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time’

It’s time to get meta! Fans of Doctor Who and Community you might be interested in a new web series called ‘Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can

Samson Meteor Mic Review

Our friends over at Samson have sent us their new Meteor Mic. For awhile now, we have been producing many of the Nerd Reactor Podcast with just my Samsung S

Can’t get into Comic-Con? Party with Nerd Reactor and Gam3rCon instead

Gam3rCon is a gaming convention that’s being held during the same weekend as Comic-Con. If you were the unlucky many who didn’t get San Diego Comic-Con tickets, you can check

3-boobed chick spotted in new Total Recall trailer

The most important news of the day is here, and that is the reveal of the 3-boobed chick in the newest Total Recall trailer. Scientists and analysts from all over

So is Marvel doing Black Panther or Guardians of the Galaxy?

It looks like Marvel Studios is going to be working on a Guardians of the Galaxy movie that will feature Thanos and will lead up to Avengers 2. Latino Review

Cast of ‘Firefly’ to Reunite at Comic-Con 2012

Fellow browncoats rejoice because you’re going to have a little something special to celebrate at Comic-Con this year. It looks like the entire cast and crew of the sci-fi hit ‘Firefly’

Donkey Kong meets with his agent

The good people at Dorkly has created a very funny video that sheds a light on how Donkey Kong Country came to be. It has Donkey Kong, his agent, and

International Looper trailer has my mind looping

Here’s the international trailer for Looper from director Rian Johnson. In the movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a younger version of Bruce Willis as an assassin who has to kill his…Jennifer Lopez?

Looks like Hollywood is at it again, looking for games to adapt to movies. The next one they have their eyes on is Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Humanity is doomed! Robot wins 100% in Rock-Paper-Scissors

Yep, humanity as we know it is doomed. The scientists over at the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Oku Lab have created a robot that never loses in a game of

A Star Wars Gotye parody that I used to know

Since I know you guys love your Gotye, here’s a parody of the “Somebody that I Use to Know” song featuring Star Wars called “The Star Wars that I Used

Ryan Reynolds will star in Highlander reboot…great…

Hasn’t he ruined enough franchises already? It has been confirmed that Reynolds will be taking up Clan McLeod’s mantle for the Highlander reboot. The original franchise has lasted the test

Gravity Rush review – Your Vita never had such a rush

Meet Kat. One day she falls out of the sky with no memories of her past. Suddenly she is asked to save a boy in trouble. Kat, with the help

Beauty and the Beast’s ‘Belle (Little Town)’ set in the streets of Los Angeles

What do you get when you mix a Disney song from Beauty and the Beast, “Belle (Little Town),” and the hoods of Los Angeles? You get the Beauty and the BEAT!

Winner announced for the Dark Knight Rises bobblehead contest

I’m really bad at this announcing the winner on time deal. But better late than never, right? Our buddies over at Nuke the Fridge helped sponsored the NECA Batman Headknockers

E3 2012: Enemy Front

  Enemy Front is an FPS that takes you back to World War II. When I saw this game I first thought this was Medal of Honor from back in