Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer arrives to underwhelm the masses

For weeks now, new info has been surfacing on the internet that a new Call of Duty game was to be announced today. A majority of the rumors pointed at

The Pong Indie Developer Challenge rallies up some semi-finalists

A few months ago we told you about Atari’s Indie Developer Challenge. Maybe you have fond memories of Pong, or maybe you’re in the large camp of people who make

Mario Tennis Open, smashing online play onto the 3DS court

Nintendo has just announced today that Mario Tennis Open for 3DS will allow for competitive matches online. We can only hope that it’s as good as Mario Kart Wii’s online

Your eyes need to adjust to The Hobbit footage…says Peter Jackson

The Hobbit footage first premiered during CinemaCon, Las Vegas, with mixed reactions. Many felt that it was too detailed that the set looked really fake. Others mentioned that it reminded

Final Fantasy, a musical adventure

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, the first musical Final Fantasy game is coming to the US and Europe. The game will also use a unique art style that recreates the heroes and enemies

Tales of Graces F Review (PS3)

Having played the “Tales of” series since the original Playstation’s “Tales of Destiny”, I think I could be qualified as a fan of the series. To me the game stood

Learn how to play Persona 4 Arena with Teddie and Rise

For those who have been living under a rock for the past few months, Atlus is collaborating with Arc System Works, makers of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, to make a

Surprise! Another Call of Duty game this year – Black Ops 2

Okay, so it’s no surprise that there will be a new Call of Duty game coming out this year. It’s also no surprise that it’s going to be released during

The Amazing Spider-Man gets a new poster

With the Avengers hype at full gear, The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t too far behind. A new international poster featuring Spider-Man swinging with glass breaking has been revealed. The Amazing Spider-Man

Blizzard introduces Global Play for Diablo 3

Blizzard introduces Global Play for Diablo 3. This will allow players to take on the Burning Hells’ hordes with friends halfway around the world. Global Play functionality allows players to

Uncharted lead designer leaves Naughty Dog for USC

To go to a school where your teacher worked on projects like Uncharted would be a cool thing. I know many of us had teachers that never really made it

Disney XD – ‘TRON Uprising’ animated series, ‘Clu’ to next film?

The new animated series by Disney XD looks jaw-dropping amazing. Inspired mostly by TRON: Legacy, the second film in the TRON franchise, this new animated series has Tron, Clu, Programs,

Max Payne 3 DLC plan revealed

When you’ve got a title that’s as promising as Max Payne 3, you gotta have a DLC plan that matches it, and Rockstar is set to accomplish just that. The

Prototype 2 review – Transform yourself into the perfect tool of destruction

In Prototype you controlled Alex Mercer. Waking up with no memory, he finds everything has gone to hell in New York City as he’s caught in the middle of a war

Ubisoft: A future in Hollywood

As Ubisoft has previously stated, a subsidiary of theirs has now began producing movies based on the franchises we know and love. The first of which will be based on