Review: Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse

A few weeks ago we were given a mouse like no other. This mouse is one of the quietest mouse I have ever used. It’s smooth matte-black finish makes it more like a pebble than a mouse. The only way you find out that it is not a pebble is when you turn it on and the word “Manhattan” in blue light lights up on the side of the mouse. The person who came up with the design is a genius.


As I said earlier, the matte-black finish really makes this mouse inconspicuous. In fact, my cousin thought it was a pebble and asked for a mouse. The design was thought out to make this mouse stand out or not stand out, depending on the person. But it’s a great way to amaze people on the design and functionality.


This mouse is compatible with either Windows or Apple products. There is no need to install drivers, since it’s a plug and play device. It is a 2.4GHz wireless mouse and has a small compartment on the bottom for the receiver. Speaking of functionality, there was a few downsides to having a “non-moving” parts mouse, since it doesn’t feel like you’re clicking on something. The mouse is all touch-based.

The mouse has great movements, thanks to the 1200 DPI lazer. So it is precise and swift. The bottom of the mouse is not only a compartment for the mouse, but also where you will need to put in 2 AAA batteries, which are included.

There is one major drawback, and it’s the issue with the scroll function. I can’t for the life of me get it right, I either hit right click or left click. So I just use mouse to drag the slider down. It’s not a deal breaker, but it was enough to frustrate me and drop it a grade.

Final Verdict

The Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse is for anyone that wants to leave the clicking and scrolling noises of a regular mouse behind. Its also very aesthetic to look at if you want to show off. I will leave you with a tip for anyone who likes to rest their fingers on the mouse like I do, don’t do it. The mouse didn’t know whether I wanted to left click or right click. So it did both concurrently, which was a weird sight. So if you want a good mouse with an artistic look, then look no further than Manhattan’s Stealth Touch Mouse.

Grade: B

You can get more information and locations to buy here.

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