OLED displays & Apple: Next innovation of the “iTV”?

Apples current chief, Tim Cook, along with industry analysts recently made brief remarks to hint where the creative fueled company is headed; possibly OLED iTV products. At the recent All Things Digital conference Cook was specific to say that the company is headed in the creative direction it has been following for years.

“Juices are flowing and we have some incredible things coming out. For years Apple’s been focused on innovation, and this will not change.”

Cook added in specifics to Apple’s TV business:

“…an area of intense interest for us.”

Apple sold 2.8 million TV devices last year, and in just this year alone has sold close to that number. Peter Misek, an analyst for Jefferies & Company, remarked that the success and future of all display-related manufactures is a hint to an “iTV” line of products.

When Cook was in the midst of taking over Apple he went to Job’s home to discuss the plans to be the successor to Apples chief position. Cook recalled that Jobs talked about Disney’s mistakes when Walt Disney died and those after tried to do what Walt would have done.

“So he (Steve Jobs) looked at me with these intense eyes and he asked me to never do that, just do what is right.” – Tim Cook.

Well if Apple is to continue its journey in being the sole innovator of technological advances, has its eyes on creating the “iTV” line, and with industry analysts pointing to the fact of leading display advancements, then we could very well see the first in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) television sets, mobile streaming “iTV” products, and a slew of other cool gadgets that Apple has come to be loved and hated for.

Source: All Things D

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