NR Epic Beard Man Contest: Bad Ass Blu-ray Giveaway

Epic Beard Man became an internet sensation after beating up a man that was assaulting him inside a bus. The incident was caught on video and became an instant viral hit. Now there’s a movie, Bad Ass, inspired by the incident starring Danny Trejo as Epic Beard Man.

For this week’s contest, we’ll be giving away a Blu-ray copy of the movie. To enter the contest, use the comment section below to write bad-ass facts about Epic Beard Man (kind of like the Chuck Norris/Most Interesting Man facts). Give us as many facts as your witty, work-tired brain can muster for internet glory (and maybe a prize!).

Here are some examples:

  • Epic Beard Man can capitalize numbers.
  • Epic Beard Man was the first to use a refrigerator to survive a nuclear blast.
  • Epic Beard Man can get $5 footlongs at Quiznos.

Contest ends Tuesday, June 5th, at 11:59pm PST. Valid to U.S. residence only. No P.O. boxes. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 6th.

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