Monster Digital Le Mans Series SSD’s – Easy upgrade kit review

If I took a snippet of history in regards to what was the latest and greatest in PC hardware I would pick the Zip drive; 100, 250, and 750 MB capacities of removable storage was awesome! Like how the Zip drive was the next greatest thing, the Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) takes in every great charismatic characteristic except being a relic.

Easy to upgrade, softening price ranges, faster run speeds, quieter, and insane performance gains make the SSD an easy choice for any future build, upgrade, or deal breaker. The Monster Digital Le Mans Series SSD’s provide all those characteristics. Available in 80GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 400GB drives, the 2.5” drive comes packaged with everything that a novice to experience computer guru needs to upgrade and install.

What’s Included

The Monster Digital Le Mans Series SSD’s are packaged very well with everything you will need for an easy no-headache upgrade. A precision screwdriver with six of the most common heads was the most surprising item. Most O.E.M PC components don’t necessarily come with everything but every now and then a gem comes along. A quick guide, USB 3.0 SATA 3 adapter, 3.5” bracket, and USB 3.0 cable are included along with the SSD and Monster’s Kamino Clone CD. This goes a long way from industry giants like INTEL that seemingly provide only the dry-drive and nothing more.

The Drive

The Le Mans Series SSD’s are packaged for the standard SATA2 interface with speeds up to 3Gbps but Monster Digital also made the drive acceptable for SATA3 interface with speeds up to 6Gbps. The best part is that the drive is backwards compatible eliminating any compatibility issues for laptop and desktop users.


Because Monster Digital decided to package almost everything you will need in this upgrade kit or even in future upgrades, the install process was fairly simple. For desktop users the package did not include a SATA cable of any kind. Now don’t be too surprised. The Monster Digital Le Mans Series SSD’s are specifically marketed for laptop users. So while the SATA cable may not have been included, the other items mentioned make up for it. As for laptop users, the hardest time will come from reviewing how to remove your pre-existing drive. From that point on it is a simple plug and play. In addition, Monster Digital added one of the coolest feature peripherals – a USB 3.0 cloning/backup dock. This enables users to simply connect the drive to the USB cable provided, install the CD software, and clone your existing drive onto the SSD. It’s pain free and fast with USB 3.0.

The Test/Performance

If you are replacing your preexisting HDD with this SSD you will immediately see the running performance gains. After replacing this with my laptops O.E.M Toshiba 500GB HDD the run time speed was much faster. Boot times went from a sluggish 3 minutes to a breezy minute flat. Another test comparing to Intel’s X25-M SSD came with a lot of surprises. Three handicaps should be known: The PC is running in IDE mode, 80GB tested SSD, and Intel’s model is over two years old compared to the new line of Monster Digital.

The results are pretty clear. Across the board Monster Digital’s Le Mans Series 80GB SSD tears apart** a leading brand names competitor by big gains. The read times for both are fairly similar with 4k-64 Thread cycles staying close to their expectations. However the write times dramatically change. The Le Mans Series leaves the X-25 in the dust in every sequence. Both sequenced data write rates and time speeds are nearly 100% improved in gains. The Monster Le Mans Series SSD packed a huge performance punch in this quick comparison.


Monster Digital Le Mans Series SSD’s are packaged to seal the deal. All the tools for an easy upgrade are included and the performance gains are impressive. With a left out SATA cable and other drives on the market providing even better performance levels, the Le Mans Series still is able to shine where most other products fail – upgrade kit packages. The gains from the SSD upgrade will make your laptop run cooler and faster with equal gains for a desktop. With added ease from the clone making CD for those hesitating to loose family photos, work files, and anything else stored on the drive being replaced, Le Mans Series packaged contents make a seamless upgrade for the novice and expert. The 80GB drive is priced at $144 while the other higher storage capacity drives reaching almost $700. If you got a relic in your laptop or desktop, give yourself a gift and buy one of these easy to install SSD’s. The speed to install it will match the speed you get from performance all with peace of mind.

Grade: A

**These results can vary in both bios’d AHCI or IDE mode. (Pictured above – pciide – BAD)


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