Persona 4 The Golden’s New Opening Movie

Persona 4, the popular RPG from Atlus, is getting a lot of love lately. With the recent anime adaption, the upcoming Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (known in America as Persona 4 Arena) on consoles and the upcoming Persona 4 The Golden for the PSVita, the much beloved game is still going strong.


Persona 4 The Golden is an update to the original P4, with new characters, scenarios, social links, group activities, and more. Included is a new anime opening which is done by Madhouse, the same studio that has done works like Death Note and the Marvel animes.The best news is, it’s already announced for America. ALL RIGHT, I GOT A REASON TO BUY A VITA!



Dat Yukiko and Rise dance. My heart.

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