Diablo III recruits over 6 million demon slayers

Even with the day one login issues and the current debacle involving hacked accounts, Blizzard should still feel proud of themselves for the immense success of Diablo III. As of today, the third entry in the click-heavy action RPG franchise has shattered records, having sold 6.3 million units so far.

Within 24 hours alone, the game was able to sell an incredible 3.5 million copies, setting a new record for the fastest-selling PC title (this is separate from the 1.2 million people that opted to get their copy by signing onto a year subscription in World of Warcraft). During the first day alone, 4.7 million players were set to face the forces of Diablo, when they weren’t battling against connection issues instead that is. So, if you’re still wondering where all the day one launch issues came from, that’s likely your answer.

Can’t really be too surprised with this outcome. Although the “always online” requirement is a constant annoyance, the game itself is damn fun, as noted in our review. It’s even better when you have friends to share the demon slaying antics with, and moments when you all run into a champion monster that has mortor, plague, teleport, and waller traits all at once is always a frantic “OH SHIT!!” occasion.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my Witch Doctor and his army of zombie dogs have some demonic and undead faces to melt.


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