Ghost Recon: Future Soldier official song glorifies war

Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar released his new official song for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier called “War Is My Love.” If you’re a hippie, I suggest you cover your ears because it’s definitely glorifying war. With lyrics like “A warning shot to let em know I’m serious”, “I’m ready for a war,” “I guess war is my love,” and “The secret for determination: I’ll terminate ya quick,” I want to go outside and start terminating things left and right to let them know I’m serious.

“When I recorded ‘War Is My Love,’ I did my best to put myself in the shoes of the Ghosts from the video game and capture that feeling of being willing to wage war and do whatever it takes to claim victory,” said Kendrick Lamar. “And when I started really getting into the game, I thought it actually matched perfectly.”

The song is produced by Soundwave. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is in stores starting May 22nd, 2012.

Here’s the full lyrics:

[Kendrick Lamar]
Look into my eyes and tell me you see a warrior
I never felt that feeling of euphoria
Pain forever, prolong the prose
The cons of prosperity is strong
Wake up in the morning and I gotta win
Not taking the victory, that’s my only sin
And so I send a message to your messenger
A warning shot to let em know I’m serious
I’m ready for a war
When I roar I can break a glass window
The only thing for sure: the perfect way
To pin you on your back
Even if I gotta slither through the cracks
I get crack every culture, deliver I attack
Every ? when I sit it on the tripod
Even if you try hard, you can still die hard
Run with your game high: white flags
You can pull em out fast
And tell me your last goodbye

Before the flood comes
And all my flock is drowning in the wagons
I guess war is my love

[Kendrick Lamar]
Make sure your next move is slick
Your best move is nothing
You know I take risk: dark clouds, I love it
Cause I can hide in the mist
Hop out and crush every soldier you’re with
So I’m 6 for 6
The secret for determination: I’ll terminate ya quick
I lead the pack, I follow no rules
I see the traps, I know you’re close to
Following your faith
Unload reload hearing another case
Explode, explode: the fire of my eyes
Is waiting on your demise
I hope your hope is close by

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