If you hate My Little Pony, this Diablo III level is for you

There were fans who were disappointed with the way Diablo III was shaping up. These fans were complaining that the new game was more colorful and less dark than the previous games. Blizzard’s answer to that is to add a secret level called Whimsyshire, the land of rainbows, teddy bears, and pink unicorns.

Before that, Blizzard was selling Diablo III t-shirts featuring rainbows, unicorns and happiness during BlizzCon. Now these shirts are very rare.

A YouTube user has released a video on how you can access the secret level of Whimsyshire. If you’re a Bronie or My Little Pony Fan, you might enjoy it. And if you’re an MLP hater, then you’ll definitely enjoy killing the unicorns left and right. Just imagine they’re ponies.

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