Rayman Origins demo, Kirby’s Block Ball hit 3DS eShop today

Rayman Origins, the excellent cartoonish platformer that launched late last year is making its way to the 3DS on June 5th. It’s been a long wait for 3DS owners, but given that the visuals will now be in 3D, it’ll definitely be worth the wait. The demo is available starting today, so download that now for some sweet glasses-free world-expanding eye candy.

Nintendo has also released an update for Mario Kart 7 which gets rid of some terrible track exploits that allowed unscrupulous racers to go through laps in seconds. Your times aren’t going to stay on the leaderboards anyway, so why bother cheating?

Kirby’s Block Ball, an Arkanoid-like ball bouncing game in which all bricks are evil and must be destroyed, was originally released on the Gameboy. It is now available on the eShop.

Any Men in Black fans out there? A trailer for the third film hits the 3DS on May 18th at 6am.

Lastly we have a hidden object sort of game, Chronicles of Vampires: The Awakening. Do the vampires sparkle? I’m not sure. I’m afraid to look.

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