Kickstarter project: Tokyo Wonderland

I present to you when cultures collide. Take a story like Alice in Wonderland and mix it with the culture and flavor of Japan and what do you get? You get Tokyo Wonderland. The man who is responsible for thinking up this idea is President Nelson. And yes, apparently that’s his real name. Here is the description taken straight from the kickstarter page:

Alice is having a very strange day. As a student residing in Tokyo, Japan, she’s plagued by odd dreams of Wonderland. On this day she’s bullied, teased, and embarrassed by her classmates. But worse yet, it all happens in front of the boy every girl in school has a crush on. When her pet bunny’s safety is at risk Alice is left with no choice but to follow the white rabbit to the surreal & topsy-turvy world of Wonderland. It’s there that Alice must slay Dragons, best ninjas, confront Samurai, & kung fu with Deadly Demons. But in all this madness can Alice find the strength to accept her destiny & go vs the mad reign of The Red Ruler of Wonderland?

As most of my friends know, I love Japan. Heck, I have been there more times than I have been back to the country I was born in. I love the culture, the people, and especially the food of Japan. So when I was browsing Kickstarter for a new project to back; that’s when I found Tokyo Wonderland. The thing that got me to back this project was its art. He takes inspiration from J. Scott Campbell’s style with an anime touch. Take a look at the art yourself and decide on your own. You won’t go wrong with backing this project.

I’ve seen different takes on Alice in Wonderland before, but never like this (at least one that I haven’t found). I like where Mr. Nelson is going with this story; though I have not seen or read anything yet. So if you like what you see and want to support it, click the link below and become a backer.

Tokyo Wonderland Kickstarter

UPDATE: Jabberwocky added!!!

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The (Mad) Hatter























The Knight















The Tweedles















The Caterpillar




















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