Please Prometheus, don’t spoil me anymore with your featurettes

Whoops, I just spoiled myself by watching this Prometheus featurette, and I know that once you’re reading this, you will click on the play button and watch it from beginning to end too.

In the featurette, Ridley Scott talks about the story of Prometheus, which is about our search for humanity’s origin. What Scott tells us is that humanity’s origin might come from aliens from outer space. Yeah, it was pretty obvious if you’ve been watching the trailers. The featurette includes new footage like ***** and ****** doing ***** at the **********. Oh, I’m sorry, did I ruin it for you?

What’s interesting is that Ridley Scott mentions the Zeta II Reticuli as a planet. I thought it was a star system.

Prometheus will hit theaters on June 8th, 2012, in United States and June 1st in the UK. Again, international audiences always get to see the movie before us.

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