Cast of Spartacus does boot camp for Season 3, production to start after

Each year the cast of Spartacus trains in boot camp, a month before production, to get into peak gladiator shape. Fans want to see hot bodies fighting and having sex. Stunt coordinator Allan Poppleton has them train for four weeks, pushing them to the point of exhaustion. Exercises include cross training elements like cardio, gymnastics, foot and movement work, unarmed combat, body awareness, reactions, weaponry, and functional cross fit circuits.

Just check out these photos of the cast working out.

“Spartacus Boot Camps are famous now for pushing you to your absolute limits,” says star Liam McIntyre. “This year they found a new level with military inspired training. I’ve never been so fit in my whole life. This boot camp will kick your ass. This year it kicked it twice.”

Here you can see Liam McIntyre (Spartacus) doing some sled work. This workout helps out the legs and core.

Manu Bennett (Crixus) is seen here performing a sword sequence with a 200-year-old Taiaha, which he presented to Allan Poppleton as a gift for training the cast and crew.

Last season’s newcomer Ellen Hollman (Saxa) is seen here performing the USMC combat fitness test by doing the Fireman pick-up, carrying a parner 70M.

This upcoming season’s newcomer Simon Merrells (Marcus Crassus) practices sword techniques.

Okay, I’m definitely inspired to workout more now. If only somebody would pay me to do an intense workout routine…

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