Diablo 3 animated short

With Diablo’s hordes set to be released in less than a week, Blizzard has released an animated short. The animated short is made by Titmouse Inc., the company who brought us the Afro Samurai opening, Metalocalypse, GI Joe: Resolution, Black Panther, and soon the Grimm Fairy Tales animated series. In this short it introduces us to the Archangels that fought against Diablo’s horde and the ones that keep the planet safe. Or at least try to keep it safe. We are introduced to Auriel, Malthiel, Itheriel, Tyrael, and Imperius. We have met Tyrael in Diablo II, when he tried to stop Diablo from freeing Baal.

That’s enough of the introduction of the short. Well, one more, this is called Diablo III: Wrath.

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