Was Bioshock Infinite delayed until February 2013 to escape the Fall release madness?

I believe that Irrational Games had to make a rational choice on this one. Originally, the game was slated for a Holiday release but it has just been announced that the game will not be released until February 26, 2013. Irrational’s Creative Director Ken Levine has stated that they need extra time to deliver a better game. He has also stated that Bioshock Infinite will not be present at both E3 and Gamescom. I think that’s a bold statement that they’re making in regards to not being at E3 and Gamescom. On the stance of the delay to ensure the game is “ready,” I call BS!

The same thing happened last year when Mass Effect 3 was to be released in the fall against Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim. I honestly believe it was a smart marketing strategy to delay the game to a later date so that it did not have to compete against other big name titles. In doing that, the developer has a greater chance of increasing sales as opposed to many people having to make a choice of which game to get. I think that Irrational Games are following suit with that concept so that they don’t have to worry about losing sales. Whatever the case may be, it looks like we’ll be waiting a while.

Here’s the official statement from Levine:

“I won’t kid you: BioShock Infinite is a very big game, and we’re doing things that no one has ever done in a first-person shooter. We had a similar experience with the original BioShock, which was delayed several months as our original ship date drew near. Why? Because the Big Daddies weren’t the Big Daddies you’ve since come to know and love. Because Andrew Ryan’s golf club didn’t have exactly the right swing. Because Rapture needed one more coat of grimy Art Deco … The same principle now applies to BioShock Infinite.”

“We are also going to hold off on showing BioShock Infinite at the big events of the summer, like E3 and Gamescom. That way, the next time you see our game, it will be essentially the product we intend to put in the box. Preparing for these events takes time away from development, time we’re going to use instead to get the best version of Infinite into your hands in February”

"sigh" No E3 for me this year

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