Tribes: Ascend update goes all natural


Tribes: Ascend will be seeing a bit of a change in local for the next update. Hi-Rez is adding two new maps, both taking on a more natural looking theme compared to the other maps available.

The first map to be implemented is CTF Tartarus. Tartarus itself is a large swampy area, about the size of Katabatic, with very few man-made structures around. The map is named after the crashed ship that rests in the middle of the map, which holds valuable information that both tribes want for themselves. Arena Hinterlands is the second map, and follows the same organic theme, only in a more forested¬†environment, playing host to a variety of colorful flora that makes it look like it was taken out of a fairy tale. A fairy tale that apparently has people shooting at each other with space technology and shouting “Shazbot!” all day.

Also to be included in the patch are loadouts, a bit of an expected item when you consider the growing list of weaponry available. They will also enable xp rewards on passworded custom servers, though you’re still not going to be able to get First Win of the Day bonuses or badge progress on them, which kind of defeats the purpose. Hopefully they get on that soon.

You can check out the patch preview video below, and you can download the game for free from the official website. Personally, I’m excited for being able to hear that “SPLAT” sound when a Pathfinder runs into me with Super Heavy equipped.



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